pizzaWhen it comes to pizza, Italy is the place to go for the real deal, and any aficionado will know that Naples is the place to go the best of the best.  But if you really want to sample the ideal slice from the heartland of pizza, you’re going to have to narrow down your options.  Should you find yourself in Naples with a craving for a Margherita, here are the five best restaurants to check out.

  1. Pizza Starita. Boasting a proud heritage of traditional pizza-making since 1901, and featuring in the Sofia Loren film, “L’Oro di Napoli,” stepping through the doors of Pizza Starita is like stepping back a century. Their recipe is rigorously true to the craft, baked in wood-burning brick ovens with only the finest of ingredients.  Located in the neighborhood of Materdei, Starita is so beloved by locals that they have recently opened a New York site as well.  Go here for a melt-in-your-mouth menu as well as the culture you’ll experience.
  2. Da Michele. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Da Michele is not much to look at, their menu is basic, and its no reservations policy can be inconvenient for some. But if you’re patient enough to wait out the long lines, you will be rewarded by possibly the finest Margherita and Marinara pizza you’ve ever eaten.  Family run and using all-natural ingredients, there is a reason this place is always so crowded.
  3. Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro. If you want a little more variety in your pizza experience than the previous pizzeria offers, try the Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro, a three-story restaurant with traditional as well as more imaginative options. With a menu of 29 different toppings, one of their specialties includes Italian sausage paired with a type of broccoli plant local to the Naples countryside.starita
  4. Da Ettore. For a picturesque eating experience right on the Neapolitan waterfront, this restaurant is located on the Santa Lucia boulevard, which has a reputation for being rather posh. In addition to its amazing pizza, it also provides a more diverse menu of local favorites, including a flavorsome stew of fried vegetables, the typical rice-ball dish arancini, and, of course, fresh seafood.
  5. La Notizia. If you’re looking to get away from crowds of tourists, head to La Notizia on Via Carravaggio, which is somewhat removed from the more trendy area of pizzerias. Although it’s only open for dinner, it provides a somewhat more relaxing mood as you enjoy your meal as well as a taste of genuine Naples.  Their menu is delightful as well, with classic wood-fired pizza as well as a wide range of fresh salads.

No matter what venue you visit in Naples, chances are you’ll be sampling the best pizza you’ve had in your life.  But don’t let yourself be constrained by this list—get out and explore Naples for yourself and come to your own conclusions of which pizzeria is truly the best.  Contact us for help navigating the language barrier during your travels, or take a look at some of our Italian courses.