Are you looking to study in a country with a strong literary, political, artistic, and historical legacy, where the weather is perfect and the food is amazing?  Head to Italy, where you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to some of the world’s most renowned universities.  As the world’s second highest destination for international students, Italy will offer you a strong social group of international students from the get-go, as well as welcoming locals.  If you’ve already decided to head to Italy for school, here are some of your best options for universities.florence

  1. University of Bologna. This one is at the top of the list simply by virtue of being the oldest university in the world, dating back to 1088. Astonishingly, it has remained one of the best schools in the world for almost a millennium, and currently ranks as one of the top 50 law schools.
  2. University of Florence. If you’re pursuing a major in any of the humanities, Florence is the city for you. The University of Florence dates back to 1321 and has a stunning natural history museum and architecture that spans centuries.  Plus, you’ll be studying in the birthplace of the Renaissance, at an institution that has boasted such lecturers as Giovanni Boccaccio of The Decameron fame.
  3. Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute. This is the university for those who dream of Florence but aren’t fluent in Italian, as Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute offers classes in English. The campus is located right in the center of the city, offering a fantastic opportunity for international students to immerse themselves in the Florentine culture.
  4. University of Rome. More commonly known as La Sapienza, or The Knowledge, the University of Rome has been ranked one of the best 200 universities of the world, and it offers more than enough to distract students from the sites of the city around it—no easy feat. It offers Masters programs entirely in English and a diversity of sports, literary, and theatrical societies for students.
  5. University of Pisa. If you’d prefer a more laid-back city where half the population is made up of students, head to Pisa. The surrounding culture is perfect for young academics, and the campus consists of a state of the art sports center and plenty of libraries for your convenience.milan
  6. University of Milan. While Milan is famous for its fashion scene—and the University of Milan, generally referred to as Statale, tends to be the default choice for textile artists and fashionistas—there is so much more to their campus life. One of Italy’s best schools, both in terms of academics and extracurricular life, the University of Milan excels especially in its Law and Humanities schools.

Whether you’re looking for a semester, a year, or a full degree, without a doubt Italy offers some of academia’s finest choices for you to advance your education.  While all of these schools will offer Italian lessons for foreigners, your best bet is to get as strong a foundation in the language before you go.  To get started, send us an inquiry or check the different levels of Italian courses we offer.